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How to Increase Curb Appeal with Your Driveway

We all know that curb appeal is an important aspect of getting your home ready for an open house. It’s easy enough to give your home a fresh coat of paint, to prune the trees and to manicure the front lawn – however, there’s one part of your property that’s just as important, but harder to maintain.

Your driveway is one of the first things that passers-by see when walking passed your home – but most people feel stuck on how to make this part of their property look as great as the rest of their home.

So, we’ve put together some simple tips you can utilise to help make your average driveway look incredible.

Give it a Good Tidy

Like with any part of your home, your driveway will benefit from a decent tidy. Roll up your sleeves and don’t be scared to get your hands dirty. Start by trimming any overgrown grasses, remove dead shrubs, remove debris and dead leaves using a blower and even give it a good power wash. This will leave your driveway looking like new, bringing attention to the landscaping surrounding it.

Bonus: any green waste from the clean can also be added to your compost heap!

Use Plants to Impress

Selecting shrubs, hedging or seasonal varietals to plant along the border of your driveway can help create a lush look. Using colourful and low maintenance blooms like agapanthus and lavender can create a real wow factor, while also attracting bees and fauna to your yard.

Factor in Privacy

Some people use their driveways to add an element of privacy to their homes. By using taller hedges and shrubs along the length of it, you’re almost creating a private path up to your house, while shielding your home from passers-by.

Keep it Safe

Your driveway is in the unique position of it both being an extension of the road, and of your home. So, it’s important that any changes you make, safety must be factored in to keep every member of the family safe.

Our top safety tips:

  • Avoid creating nooks or holes in your hedging and shrubbery where children could hide or be obscured from those in a car
  • Always treat the driveway like a road – don’t let children play on it as there are vehicles constantly coming in and out of it.
  • Clear any low and dangerous overhanging branches.
  • Before getting into your car, walk around your vehicle to make sure there aren’t any small children or animals nearby.

If you’re planning on a complete renovation of your front yard and driveway to increase curb appeal, it’s always a great idea to get in touch with the professionals. To discuss your upcoming project, get in touch with the experts at Watersave Landscaping today.

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