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How to Get a Festive Garden This Christmas

Tis the season for red and green to take over your life with Christmas on the horizon. It’s so close that you can almost taste the feast and hear the wrapping paper being teared open.

Christmas isn’t just a time for your friends and family to gather and celebrate a mystical man in a sled, but for your true festive nature to shine through. For those who love Christmas, there are easy ways to decorate your house through your garden bed.

Throw away those tired sparkly lights, and instead plant some of these around your home for an effortless nod to Christmas this season.

NSW Christmas Bush

Add a splash of colour in your garden with the beautifully festive NSW Christmas Bush. The Australian native is a green shrub with cream coloured flowers, which turn a crimson red after time.

With its smaller size and ability to withstand the Australian climate, it is an easy addition to your garden this Christmas season. Plant them now, and by the time it’s Christmas, you can adorn the table with a few branches from the tree for simple decoration.

Cider Gum

One of the fastest growing Australian natives, the Cider ‘Gum’ Tree is the perfect addition to your Christmas garden. This Eucalyptus will thrive in the climate as it is a native tree, meaning that it will outlast the season. Its main feature is its silver toned leaves, which carry a subtle scent that will add a natural and rustic feel to your Aussie Christmas dinner.


If you are one of those people that dive right into this season, then a conifer is exactly the plant you need to aptly elevate your garden bed this festive season. If you opt for a smaller one, you can have mini trees dotted around your garden, or go for a tall one for a statement tree. With its pine needle look, you can get the classic Christmas look.


Nothing says Christmas quite like the gorgeous poinsettia. The flowering plant will make for the perfect addition to your garden, or can even serve as a gift for any gardener. Grab one this season to make a statement this Christmas.

Don’t leave it to the last minute! Watersave Landscaping can help you design a garden and select the perfect plants that will thrive this season. Get in touch today.

4 Tips to Fix Up your Front Yard

In spring, the phrase ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ is regularly tossed around. With a new year around the corner, and the hotter weather on the way, it may be time to update your home. Your houses façade not only may be turning people away, but impacting the total value of your home when looking at market values.

Take this spring to update your homes façade with our 5 makeover tips!

  1. Clean it up

It may be obvious, but it is a good place to start. It is time to mow the lawn, cut away the weeds, clear up the spider’s webs and clean the windows. Lawn ornaments or furniture may be looking a little dreary, so spruce it up a little with either a thorough clean or a little bit of upcycling.

Clear up any pathways, trim those overgrown hedges and clean out the gutters. It may all seem like simple fixes, but it does make a huge difference to your home. Not only that, but it will increase the fire safety of your home in the soaring heat.

  1. Paving the way

How are your pathways looking? If they are cracked, broken or worse for wear it may be time to fix or replace it. Giving your home a clear pathway helps to make the exterior look clean and tidy, and adds dimension to your front yard.

  1. Let there be light

Lighting can make all the difference. Everything looks spookier at night, but it can also make your home look dim and dingy when there isn’t the right lighting to enhance the exterior of your home. Not only does the right lighting help you to make a statement, but it can add an element of safety by deterring possible home invaders.

  1. Green Additions

You do not need heaps of space to add some greenery to your front yard. Potted plants do go a long way, as do wall mounted plants. Garden beds and plants can really help to frame your home, and compliment the style and design elements that are incorporated in your home.

  1. Hire a Helping Hand

Landscapers can really help in the renewal of your home’s exterior. Not only will they have the right tools and equipment, but they will add the professional touch to ensure that it is all done quickly and proficiently.

Three Landscaping Trends to Consider in 2017

As each year passes we see a rise and fall in many trends worldwide. From hairstyles to clothing, there are a range of styles and looks that people love and need to incorporate into their lives. The same goes for landscaping. We have seen so many trends come and go through our gardens, and although it is only early in the year there are already predictions for some of the biggest trends you will see this year!

  1. The Hygge Concept

The word ‘Hygge’, of Danish origin, is sweeping its way into our gardens. This is a great concept which is changing the way people view their outdoor space, transforming them from mere grassed areas to fully landscaped living with cosy corners and social spaces. It helps people view their outdoor area as an extension of their home, and bring a sense of cosiness into the space. Whether it’s through adding tranquil water features, outdoor eating areas, fire pits or nooks to relax in, people are creating an area that looks and feels incredible.

  1. Save The Bees

Protecting the little critters that help the world flourish is going to be at the forefront of gardening designs in 2017. This would revolve around planting pollinator-friendly flowers in gardens, allowing bees a haven for pollination. As well as this, people will be turning away from harmful pesticides and opting for more friendly options that allow bees to remain harm free in your garden. It is also vital that bees have a steady access to water, and birdbaths are the perfect place to allow bees to recharge in their journey of pollinating the world.

  1. Gardening up high

Gardens are moving upwards! This ‘green roof’ movement is making its way through major cities worldwide. From stadiums to hotels and everything in between, people have been creating outdoor spaces with a view. Although it rose to popularity in commercial spaces, it is now a trend being picked up by homeowners. The best way to start your rooftop garden is slowly, and making sure that it is evaluated by a professional and made safe for users. Alternatively, get an expert to come and install some turf and play your next game of backyard soccer at new heights.

To get the best out of your garden, you need a team with industry knowledge and an eye for creativity behind you. With Watersave Landscaping, you will be able to turn your residential or commercial garden into a comfortable, beautiful and enchanting outdoor space. Our team will be able to help you elevate the look of your garden, and add value to your property in the process. Call us today on 0411 143 599 to find out more, or visit us online to learn more about our services today.