‘Tis the Season: Making Your Yard Stand Out this Christmas

Guess what? It’s Christmas in less than a month – are you feeling jolly yet? Whether you’re a spritely Yuletide enthusiast or the most seasoned Scrooge on the block, there’s no way to escape the festive season in December, especially if you live in a neighbourhood known for showing its Christmas cheer with colourful decorations and flashing lights. This festive season, treat your yard to some Christmas spirit and make sure you’re the talk of the suburb with these easy landscaping ideas.


Get Colourful!

One of the reasons Christmas is beloved by so many Australians is because of the opportunity it presents to express yourself: whether you’re giving something special to someone you love or simply belting out Christmas carols around the office, it’s definitely a time to show your true colours. This season, get rid of the tangled up lights and plant some Christmas-themed native plants like Grevilleas and Kangaroo Paws to add a natural, vibrant touch of red and green to your home.


Decorate Naturally

On that note, if you do have any classic touches of Australiana in your front yard, utilise them to their fullest potential this Christmas. Hang some festive baubles off any low-lying gum tree branches, or if you’ve got wattle trees or banksias, lash out with a bit of tinsel to add a bit of dazzle to your garden – it’s guaranteed to help Santa find your house a little bit quicker on the big night!


Get Lit, But Not TOO Lit

If you’re the kind of household that does like to splurge out on fancy Chrissie lights and flashing ornaments, make sure you have a good look around your suburb to see what the vibe is this Christmas: you definitely don’t want to be the only house in the neighbourhood who gets into the spirit! Also, be conscious of your green footprint this season: copious amounts of Christmas lights and automative Santa’s will send your power bills skyrocketing at a time when you’re probably most strapped for cash.


Treat Yourself!

It’s the end of the year – you’ve worked hard, you deserve it. Maybe you should consider gifting yourself with a makeover for your front yard this Christmas! Imagine what the neighbours would think of your lavish new deck in the summer time, or what a difference a freshly manicured lawn would make to your recently renovated unit. Get in touch with Watersave Landscaping to see how we can fill your stockings this Christmas.

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