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Thinking About Selling? How Landscaping Can Interest Potential Buyers

If you’re looking to sell your home or investment property, you probably don’t see the value in landscaping if you won’t be living there for much longer. Why spend money on something as important as your front or backyard if you won’t be there to enjoy it?

But think of it like this: you’re probably already preparing the inside of your home for potential buyers. Whether you’re giving the walls a fresh coat of paint, cleaning the carpets, polishing the floors or even hiring furniture to make an impact, you’re already investing money in your property to get a better return. The same goes for your garden.

Increasing the curb appeal of your home is perhaps even more important than giving the inside of your home a mini makeover. What’s the first thing that potential buyers see when they come to inspect a property? A front yard that they can see themselves nurturing and enjoying for years to come.

You might be feeling overwhelming with everything you need to do, so we’ve compiled some landscaping tips that anyone can follow to help interest potential buyers.

Lay New Lawn Because Curb Appeal is Everything

The best part about landscaping is that you don’t even need to complete a full backyard blitz for the final result to have an impact. If your lawn is looking sad or neglected, especially after the Australian summer, then a fresh and lush new lawn can make any home shine.

Consider instant turf, or even synthetic turf for an easy to maintain yet aesthetically pleasing option.

Add Colour but Limit Plant Species

Adding bright pops of colour, native blooms and flowering annuals can make your property feel welcoming and give it an immediate lift. You might be tempted to go overboard with plants, but you still want to make it seem easy to maintain. Research your area or talk to your landscapers to find the right plants that suit the climate, helps reduce pests and encourages biodiversity.

Mulching and Weeding Goes a Long Way

With any garden, you want it to seem low maintenance to potential buyers. When it comes to selling, it’s usually all about appearances. Weeding goes a long way in helping your garden look tidy and well-maintained, while mulching your garden beds will help make your gardens look much neater.

At Watersave Landscaping, we offer all these services and so much more, to help get your garden in order before open house. If you’d like to discuss your landscaping needs, get in touch with our experts today – we’re only a phone call away!

5 Easy Tips to Care for a Native Garden

The best thing about a garden bursting with Australian natives is that if you choose the right varieties, you can enjoy a low maintenance, sustainable and beautiful garden that you can call your own. For a while there, natives seemed a thing of the past when it came to landscaping, however they’re enjoying something of a resurgence thanks to being drought tolerant, providing food and shelter for native animals and attracting important insects to name a few.

Before investing in a garden of Australian natives, it’s important that you’re up to date on garden maintenance, and plant selection. So, we’ve compiled a handy guide on some important tips on looking after your native garden.

Choose the right natives for your climate

As we all know, the climates in Australia can be drastically different. Some native plants that are found up north may not thrive in Victoria and vice versa. Research what native plants work for your specific climate to give your garden the best chance to establish itself. A few natives that grow well in Victoria include Banksia, Acacia, Dog Rose, Native Fuschia, Yellow Buttons, Grevillea Lanigera, Dwarf Heath Myrtle, Native Hibiscus, Illawarra Flame Tree, Eucalyptus Tree and Native Frangipani. Of course, this is only a small sample, and varietals thrive differently depending on location, for example coastal, inland or mountain regions.

Minimise Frost Damage

In Victoria, frost damage can happen quite easily during winter. Although natives might be more resilient than introduced species, as the winters get colder it’s best that you do all you can to minimise frost damage. If your area is prone to frost, choose plants that are more frost tolerant than others. Do not use a nitrogenous fertiliser, keep your soil moist and avoid blocking any air flow to the area.

Keep on top of Pruning

Pruning any plant can help it stay looking lush and healthy, while keeping them well maintained.

Keep them Hydrated

Although Australian natives are quite resilient and drought resistant, they still like to stay hydrated as much as any other varietal. To help your plants thrive, look at varieties that survive on winter rainfall similar to your own.

Mulch it Up

Mulching is important as it helps to maintain soil moisture and lessens the need for watering. It also helps improve soil and can help reduce weed growth. When looking for a mulch for your natives, look for any organic material that is free of disease. You can also use leaves, grass clippings and path sweepings.

When it comes time for you to get your native garden started, or if you’d like help discussing which natives would flourish in your area, then contact the professionals today.

How Your Garden Can Help the Environment

Do you love tending to your garden? Nothing beats the feeling of seeing sprouts pop out of the soil, having a colourful bunch of flowers bloom before your eyes and witnessing bees and butterflies be drawn to your backyard. Not only is gardening great for aesthetic reasons and for benefitting your mental and physical health, but did you know that gardening is also beneficial for the environment?

Here we outline the top 4 reasons why your backyard garden is helping build a healthier environment.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This is a simple one, but it can make a huge difference in the long run. If you’re growing your own fruits, vegetables or herbs, then you’re less likely to purchase these from a grocery store. If you’re eating direct from your garden to your plate, then your food doesn’t have to be transported, which results in Co2 emissions and fuel usage.   

Reduce C02 in the Atmosphere

Yes, with your own garden, you can now do your part to help reduce the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere and join the collective effort in tackling climate change. Through photosynthesis, your plants naturally take in Co2 and release oxygen. No matter how small you think your garden may be, you’re still taking steps towards cleaner air and a greener future. 

Create Habitats for Important Wildlife

You might not think of it much, but with your garden you can create a little habitat for some important critters. Without knowing, your garden could be home to butterflies, insects, ants, birds, slugs, snails and bees. Each of these animals and insects are important to the ecosystem, and without them could have negative implications for animals higher up in the food chain in the long run! 

Cut Down on Energy Costs

If you choose the right plants for your garden, think easy to maintain natives, climbers, succulents, cacti and evergreens you can reduce your water bills. Researching what plants are adapted to your particular city and climate will help you to find flora that are more likely to live through all seasons with minimum care. Using wall climbers, vines and wall shrubs can also help to insulate your home, resulting in lower energy costs, plus they look great! 

Additional Greener Gardening Tips

  • When mowing your lawn, try to use a cordless electric lawnmower, or a push mower, instead of one that runs on fuel
  • When trying to stop insects and pests coming into your garden, look for an eco-friendly way of doing it without using pesticides
  • Collect rainwater. Instead of watering your garden from the hose, collect your rainwater and use this to keep your garden looking green

Whether you’re looking at creating a more energy efficient garden or are considering incorporating natives into your already established garden, you’re already doing your part to help our environment. To discuss how Watersave Landscaping can help you create an energy efficient and eco-friendly garden, contact us on 0411 143 599.

Landscaping Gardening in Essendon

Watersave Landscaping are the leading residential and commercial landscapers in Essendon. We can help you create you dream outdoor space which reflects the lifestyle of you and your family. Our landscapers have had years of industry experience which allows them to adequately ensure that you garden will be a functional asset to your home, and not an unmanageable eyesore.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping solutions

We love designing and redesigning stunning outdoor spaces that serve a practical purpose. We are experienced residential and commercial landscape gardeners who can turn your Essendon home or workplace in to an outdoor sanctuary. We will re-model your area to best reflect your needs, and support your ideas of what an outdoor space means to you. We appreciate your desire for an aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance solution and therefore will ensure that whatever we do is manageable for you.

We’re knowledgeable when it comes to the Melbourne climate. We’ve been landscaping beautiful gardens in Essendon and Ascot Vale for almost 10 years, and are committed to delivering outdoor spaces that are easy to maintain in this unique environment.

Friendly Customer Service from Start to Finish

You won’t find a friendlier landscape gardener in Essendon! We pride ourselves on offering first-class customer service, from planning through to construction. We will ensure that you’re satisfied with every facet of the landscaping service, and that the end result is a beautiful garden space landscaped to perfection. We’ll always keep you in the loop and we’ll deliver to schedule.

Custom designed landscape spaces

There are many factors that we’ll take in to account before we design your space. Each family is different to the next. We’ll ensure that your new space fits your family’s needs. We can craft stunning alfresco entertaining retreats, right through to pet and child focused backyard areas.

What Watersave Landscaping can offer

We offer a variety of services that will help you to get your dream garden in your commercial or residential space in Essendon! This includes:

  • Garden and alfresco design
  • Pergolas and decking
  • Water features
  • Garden lighting
  • Instant and synthetic turf
  • Garden bed installation
  • Retainer walls

If you’re looking for a residential or commercial landscaper in Essendon, we’d love to chat. Please contact us today for an obligation free quote.

Garden Landscaping Melbourne

Your home and the grounds surrounding it are a direct reflection of your tastes, so your garden needs to be as unique as you. Our mission, as one of Melbourne’s leading landscape gardening service, is to create gardens that are not only visually appealing but also functional and easy to take care of.

If you’re looking for an experienced landscape gardener in Melbourne, we urge you to contact Watersave Landscaping today. We’ll dedicate ourselves to your project like it was our own.



Watersave Landscaping is a professional landscaping, design and construction firm! Based in Westmeadows in the northern suburbs of Melbourne


Our Services

At Watersave Landscaping, we specialise in both residential and commercial landscaping – both hard and soft landscaping.
In all projects we take on,



We pride ourselves on providing an array of services to the residential & commercial market. View our portfolio for completed projects.


Why Our Landscape Gardeners?

We pride ourselves on being the best landscape gardening service in Melbourne, Ascot Vale and Essendon. We are committed to delivering top customer service and landscaping services to our valued clients. Every one of our landscapers makes a point of continuously improving their knowledge about different plant species, and the impact of our changing environment on greenery. We use plants that blossom and flourish within the typical Melbourne climate. This ensures that plants will be easy to maintain and are suited to the climate.

Customised Landscaping Melbourne

Creating lovely gardens is our passion. When we take up a project, we create an outdoor area that you and your family can enjoy that reflects the desires outlined by you. Every one of our designs is customised and tailored to meet your preferences and requirements, ensuring that the end product is above and beyond what was expected. We know that your outdoor space should be practical, and therefore we will design one that fits your space the best way possible.

Our garden landscaping recommendations take in to account the unpredictable Melbourne climate – ensuring your new outdoor area will be simple to maintain. After all, we want to create a garden that suits the needs of you and your family.

Commercial Landscaping

Watersave Landscaping can provide commercial landscapers to your site in Melbourne. Our commercial projects have seen us work within units, schools, nursing homes, industrial buildings and more, creating engaging outdoor spaces with our garden landscaping services. Safety is very important to us and each employee holds Construction Induction Cards.

In addition, we hold Public Liability, and Work Cover certificate of currency Our team can create an inviting outdoor retreat for employees and clients. Our recommendations will take in to account the needs of your business and practical use.

Environmentally Conscious Gardening Solutions

Landscaping is an activity that is deeply entwined with ecology. There is no point in offering a service that does harm to the existing environment. In keeping with our belief, we use eco-friendly and energy efficient tools and methods to make sure we are doing the best for the earth. When we complete a landscaping job in Melbourne we aim to educate our clients on how they can best look after their garden without the overuse of chemicals that do more harm to their landscape gardening than good.

Besides planting seasonal plants, we also take up mulching, construction of synthetic turfs, irrigation channels, paving, retaining walls and much more. We can equip your garden with beautiful lighting arrangements that make your outdoor haven flutter to life as the sun sets.

Our landscapers predominantly service the EssendonAscot Vale area and surrounding suburbs, but we can commute to a wider range of areas. If you’re looking to have some landscape gardening work completed, contact our Melbourne office today. We’ll be happy to offer you obligation-free advice on any project, big or small.

Improve the Quality of Your Soil In 4 Easy Steps

The long-awaited season of autumn is here, and gardeners and landscapers everywhere are ready and waiting to plant the next season’s finest. No longer do they have to worry about the scorching heat and added extremes wrecking their plants and drying their soil. Autumn is the breath of fresh air that offers relief.

All gardens start in the same place: the soil.

The quality of your soil is the secret to success for your plants and vegetation and is the most important part of your gardening. It is where your garden grows, and one of the major determinants that will see the success, or failure, of your plants lives.

For that reason, it is vital that the soil is at its best to harbour and grow your plants. With our following tips, you can ensure that your soil is ready for the newest garden instalments in autumn.

Cheap isn’t Best

“You get what you paid for” is an old saying that still has great stance today. When it comes to buying your potting mix, if you pay for cheaper soil, you’ll get cheaper and poorer quality soil. You need to allocate budget to ensuring that you can get the best quality of soil for your money. The investment will pay off when your plants are flourishing and thriving.

Mulching Organically

There is so much on the market when it comes to gardening, and it can often be confusing to know what is best. When it comes to your mulch, we can tell you that going organic will benefit you in the long run. This is because organic mulch helps to keep the moisture within the soil and protect the soil from the elements that may harm it. It also helps to keep those annoying weeds at bay.

Opt for organic mulches like sugar cane, pea straw or wood chips that not only help the soil, but eventually break down and add to the soil’s organic matter.

Bring in the Earthworms

Critters in your garden may sound like hell, but they are actually very beneficial for the health of your soil. Little guys like earthworms help to break organic matter down into the vital nutrients and minerals that plants benefit from. More than that, earthworms create tunnels in the soil which adds to its aeration, making it easier for the plant to get water and root access.

Make Some Yourself

Composting is a great addition to any soiling, and you can easily make your own. It’s all about layering organic matter in the right way, and in no time, you will have high quality soil that improves your gardens state.

Bring your garden back to life this autumn with the help of Watersave Landscaping!

How to Get a Festive Garden This Christmas

Tis the season for red and green to take over your life with Christmas on the horizon. It’s so close that you can almost taste the feast and hear the wrapping paper being teared open.

Christmas isn’t just a time for your friends and family to gather and celebrate a mystical man in a sled, but for your true festive nature to shine through. For those who love Christmas, there are easy ways to decorate your house through your garden bed.

Throw away those tired sparkly lights, and instead plant some of these around your home for an effortless nod to Christmas this season.

NSW Christmas Bush

Add a splash of colour in your garden with the beautifully festive NSW Christmas Bush. The Australian native is a green shrub with cream coloured flowers, which turn a crimson red after time.

With its smaller size and ability to withstand the Australian climate, it is an easy addition to your garden this Christmas season. Plant them now, and by the time it’s Christmas, you can adorn the table with a few branches from the tree for simple decoration.

Cider Gum

One of the fastest growing Australian natives, the Cider ‘Gum’ Tree is the perfect addition to your Christmas garden. This Eucalyptus will thrive in the climate as it is a native tree, meaning that it will outlast the season. Its main feature is its silver toned leaves, which carry a subtle scent that will add a natural and rustic feel to your Aussie Christmas dinner.


If you are one of those people that dive right into this season, then a conifer is exactly the plant you need to aptly elevate your garden bed this festive season. If you opt for a smaller one, you can have mini trees dotted around your garden, or go for a tall one for a statement tree. With its pine needle look, you can get the classic Christmas look.


Nothing says Christmas quite like the gorgeous poinsettia. The flowering plant will make for the perfect addition to your garden, or can even serve as a gift for any gardener. Grab one this season to make a statement this Christmas.

Don’t leave it to the last minute! Watersave Landscaping can help you design a garden and select the perfect plants that will thrive this season. Get in touch today.

4 Tips to Fix Up your Front Yard

In spring, the phrase ‘out with the old, and in with the new’ is regularly tossed around. With a new year around the corner, and the hotter weather on the way, it may be time to update your home. Your houses façade not only may be turning people away, but impacting the total value of your home when looking at market values.

Take this spring to update your homes façade with our 5 makeover tips!

  1. Clean it up

It may be obvious, but it is a good place to start. It is time to mow the lawn, cut away the weeds, clear up the spider’s webs and clean the windows. Lawn ornaments or furniture may be looking a little dreary, so spruce it up a little with either a thorough clean or a little bit of upcycling.

Clear up any pathways, trim those overgrown hedges and clean out the gutters. It may all seem like simple fixes, but it does make a huge difference to your home. Not only that, but it will increase the fire safety of your home in the soaring heat.

  1. Paving the way

How are your pathways looking? If they are cracked, broken or worse for wear it may be time to fix or replace it. Giving your home a clear pathway helps to make the exterior look clean and tidy, and adds dimension to your front yard.

  1. Let there be light

Lighting can make all the difference. Everything looks spookier at night, but it can also make your home look dim and dingy when there isn’t the right lighting to enhance the exterior of your home. Not only does the right lighting help you to make a statement, but it can add an element of safety by deterring possible home invaders.

  1. Green Additions

You do not need heaps of space to add some greenery to your front yard. Potted plants do go a long way, as do wall mounted plants. Garden beds and plants can really help to frame your home, and compliment the style and design elements that are incorporated in your home.

  1. Hire a Helping Hand

Landscapers can really help in the renewal of your home’s exterior. Not only will they have the right tools and equipment, but they will add the professional touch to ensure that it is all done quickly and proficiently.

The Tools You Need in Your Garden Shed

When it comes to landscaping and gardening, there is often a bit of upkeep required in order to keep your outdoor areas from becoming overgrown and unmanageable. Having the right tools in tow makes it much easier to do this, which is why we’ve created a list of must-have tools for those standard landscaping and gardening jobs.


Always a must for any landscaper, forks and spades help to splice the soil and turn it over. By cutting away heavier and tougher soil, it can prepare your garden for new plants to grow and flourish.

Hand Trowel

A good, sturdy hand trowel is a necessary addition to your landscaping tool kit or garden shed. It can be used for a number of jobs, including planting young plants, breaking up the earth, weeding, mixing fertiliser into the soil and smaller digging jobs. Handy tip — make sure you choose a trowel with a lightly coloured handle so as to not lose it within your garden beds!

Pruning Shears / Pruning Saw

If you are looking to cut some smaller branches off your trees or clean up shrubbery surrounding your house, then pruning shears are exactly what you need. The blades are usually strong enough to trim branches that are up to 2cm thick, making pruning shears an essential item for common cutting jobs in your garden. When your pruning shears simply can’t cut through those pesky branches, then you may need to whip out your pruning saw.

Lawn Mower

If you have natural grass around your landscape, then this next one is a no-brainer. Lawn mowers are the standard solution to cutting your grass, making the maintenance of your garden much easier. Buy one that is the best fit for your lawn and can be stored away easily in your shed!

Garden Hose

Keeping your garden hydrated is essential, especially with spring and summer right around the corner. Make sure that you have a longer length hose to reach all the plants in your garden bed. It’s better if it is lightweight and easy to carry, and you can easily get a wall mount to pack it away when not needed.


Sometimes you need to haul a lot of materials all over your garden at once, keeping them next to you for easy access. For this reason, a wheelbarrow is one of the most vital pieces to have in that garden shed.

When it comes to the bigger jobs, ensure that your garden is up to scratch by getting help from the professionals.

Water Saving Tips for Your Garden

Australia has a massive focus on preserving water, especially after we experienced years of drought. We got used to the water saving techniques, and it has become part of some everyday practices for many. Of course, this trickled into gardens and ways to have a thriving landscape without using excess water.


Hot weather can naturally effect the moisture in soil and hasten evaporation. On a hot day, up to 70% of the water in soil can evaporate away. You can avoid this by including a top protective layer that covers the area, which can hold in moisture and save you water. Mulch, in particular coarse mulch, is one of the best products that you can use to do this. It helps supress water loving weeds, adds vital nutrients back into the soil and prevents evaporation.

Design Your Garden

There are a number of smart design principles that can be included into your garden which can meet your water-saving interests. This can include:

  • Use plants that are natural to the environment. This will mean that the plant itself is tailored towards thriving.
  • Building mounds around your trees or shrubs can capture water, which will help it to soak into the soil slower and hold the moisture for longer and reduce runoff.
  • Employing an irrigation system in your garden can ensure that water is being evenly and consistently distributed into your garden bed.
  • Include plants that need less water to live. This naturally means that you will be using less water, and your garden won’t look shrivelled in the process.

By having a professional designer help you to create you garden, and tailor it to use less water and save you money.

Know When to Water

We are all culprits to this. We see the first signs of withering in a plant and rush to it with vast amounts of water, and drown the plant and those around it for good measure. This is detrimental to the plant. Overwatering can:

  • Leach nutrients from the soil which is valuable to the plant.
  • Can hinder the oxygen levels of the plant, and increase the chance of roots rotting and disease growth.
  • You are wasting water. It doesn’t benefit the plants health to be watered excessively.
  • Overwatering can cause some plants to become dependent, which weakens the root systems and can lead to short lived plant life.

Save on that pesky water bill by ensuring that your garden is designed towards water saving. Not only will you reap the benefits, but you will have stronger habits which benefits your plants lives. Get in touch with the team at Watersave Landscaping to find out more.

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