How Your Garden Can Help the Environment

Do you love tending to your garden? Nothing beats the feeling of seeing sprouts pop out of the soil, having a colourful bunch of flowers bloom before your eyes and witnessing bees and butterflies be drawn to your backyard. Not only is gardening great for aesthetic reasons and for benefitting your mental and physical health, but did you know that gardening is also beneficial for the environment?

Here we outline the top 4 reasons why your backyard garden is helping build a healthier environment.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

This is a simple one, but it can make a huge difference in the long run. If you’re growing your own fruits, vegetables or herbs, then you’re less likely to purchase these from a grocery store. If you’re eating direct from your garden to your plate, then your food doesn’t have to be transported, which results in Co2 emissions and fuel usage.   

Reduce C02 in the Atmosphere

Yes, with your own garden, you can now do your part to help reduce the amount of Co2 in the atmosphere and join the collective effort in tackling climate change. Through photosynthesis, your plants naturally take in Co2 and release oxygen. No matter how small you think your garden may be, you’re still taking steps towards cleaner air and a greener future. 

Create Habitats for Important Wildlife

You might not think of it much, but with your garden you can create a little habitat for some important critters. Without knowing, your garden could be home to butterflies, insects, ants, birds, slugs, snails and bees. Each of these animals and insects are important to the ecosystem, and without them could have negative implications for animals higher up in the food chain in the long run! 

Cut Down on Energy Costs

If you choose the right plants for your garden, think easy to maintain natives, climbers, succulents, cacti and evergreens you can reduce your water bills. Researching what plants are adapted to your particular city and climate will help you to find flora that are more likely to live through all seasons with minimum care. Using wall climbers, vines and wall shrubs can also help to insulate your home, resulting in lower energy costs, plus they look great! 

Additional Greener Gardening Tips

  • When mowing your lawn, try to use a cordless electric lawnmower, or a push mower, instead of one that runs on fuel
  • When trying to stop insects and pests coming into your garden, look for an eco-friendly way of doing it without using pesticides
  • Collect rainwater. Instead of watering your garden from the hose, collect your rainwater and use this to keep your garden looking green

Whether you’re looking at creating a more energy efficient garden or are considering incorporating natives into your already established garden, you’re already doing your part to help our environment. To discuss how Watersave Landscaping can help you create an energy efficient and eco-friendly garden, contact us on 0411 143 599.

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